Mother holds her newborn daughter who was born with Down Syndrome

Let us be one of the first to congratulate you on your pregnancy or recent birth!

While a Down syndrome diagnosis can seem a little overwhelming, your child is being born at a time when opportunities exist for them to lead a full and complete life.

21 & Change’s First Connection program in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area offers expectant parents or parents of newborns the ability to connect with one of our program members; a parent who is already on the remarkable journey you are about to experience. A parent who wants to listen to you, offer hope for your child’s future, and if you wish, address some of the questions and/or concerns you may have by providing current, relevant and balanced information. The rollercoaster of emotions that can come with a Down syndrome diagnosis can be tremendous but you are not alone, we are here. Here to share the ‘ups’ that may surprise you and brighten your day and support the ‘downs’ which are the challenges you may face but can overcome.

Downloadable Guides for Expectant Parents:

A First Connection program member can meet with you at a hospital, another location of your choosing, or via phone. Get connected by completing this form:

If you would like to meet with one of our “First Connection” Team members, please fill out the form with some basic information.

‘First Connection’ Program


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