Carlos Flores-GordonBoard Member
    Owner of Milorian Consulting in Tampa Bay, this advertising executive has dedicated his life to identify, train and lead teams of talented people to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. Selected by Apple in 1987 to become part of one of the first Apple Evangelist teams, he immersed himself into the creative world. An Adobe Certified Expert and speaker, he partnered with German behemoth Heidelberg to establish the first Heidelberg Quick Imaging Center in Latin America. His clients included Coca Cola, the Miss Universe Pageant, Banco Popular, Merck and Starbucks among many others.


    As a talented web & graphic designer, programmer, photographer, film director, and producer, he has collaborated in helping to launch the careers of artists such as Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Maná. For many years he partnered with international companies such as Sony Music and EMI to collaborate with their catalog of artists. He has production and/or directing credits in music, theater, ballet and has produced a TV pilot, a cartoon for Adult Swim and an app for children for disabilities. As VP of Operations and co-owner of the Hispanic Yellow Pages, he was responsible for the production and distribution of millions of directories in the US, while also leading efforts to promote education and the arts in cities with large Hispanic communities.


    Throughout his life, he has also been involved with multiple organizations aiming to fight bullying and discrimination. A native of Puerto Rico, Carlos lives in Wesley Chapel with his wife Mildred, and are parents to 3 boys. The youngest of them, Julian, is a 14-year-old with autism. Carlos and Mildred have raised their two oldest sons to use Autism as a motivation to help Julian have a better future. Lorenzo, a talented student at the University of South Florida and Ian, an Oglethorpe University All-American Soccer player, have been raised to be aware of the needs of others and to be responsible with their education and career choices so they can help not only their brother, but as many families in need as they possibly can.


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