Chris AndrewsBoard Member

    Chris Andrews received a BS in Mass Communications from the distinguished Oral Roberts University where he completed his major areas of studies with emphases in Applied Advertising Arts and Broadcast Management in Film production.

    Chris’ 30-year career experiences have provided him the privilege of working in several locations across multiple cultures including North/South America, Europe and Africa. Chris worked as a documentation specialist and website consultant during his time helping church missions in Western Europe. In the Benelux region, he was part of the staffs of International Media Ministries as well as STAR Communications. Both as producer and director of children’s programming in several European and African languages.

    Recently, Andrews has contributed to the mission efforts of the United States Special Operations Command. As a web developer and portal administrator, Chris is a passionate advocate of information and knowledge management, assisting users and contributors in strategic messaging.

    Chris is a ‘working on it’ author, speaker, professional artist, cartoonist and clergy member. He spends an unapologetic amount of time with his family walking their newly rescued Maltemix, ‘Oliver’ in the Valrico area. He’s an enthusiastic polyglot and aspiring Esperantist.

    Chris is excited to be a member of the board and enthusiastic about spreading the news about this great cause.

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