Janet Caramello

    Caramello, MBA CAP® CFRE, is a Visionary business executive, non-profit leader, and strategic fundraiser with over two decades of top performance in development, public relations, marketing, relationship management, community relations, budgeting, governance, and strategic planning.

    She has a strong history as a community advocate and social entrepreneur, contributing to a professional and volunteer capacity to help disadvantaged and special needs children and assist with community and faith-based educational initiatives and resources. Caramello is a lifelong student of leadership, sales, and management, and her work has included for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations as a tri-sector leader.

    Dedicated to the highest achievement in all endeavors, including building and running a 10 million dollar real estate team, a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE), and a non-profit executive. She has excellent leadership, teamwork, and communication skills, including strong public speaking, media communications, and written communication.

    “As a long-time advocate for people with disabilities and the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome, the mission of 21 & Change is important to me.   It is an honor to join their Board to contribute to this great organization to impact change in the community.”

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