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During the month of October, we celebrate our
differently-abled champions and their abilities
and the fact that they can do anything they set
their minds to.

An inclusive education ensures
we'll discover our full potential.
If given a chance, anything is possible!

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Military father holding his sons hand

Changing duty stations is tough.
Changing duty stations with an exceptional family
member is even tougher! Working with base support
programs, we can help.

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Interracial family taking a selfie in the park

We believe in a day when our children will
be seen as 'differently-abled', and not disabled.

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I am guaranteed "equal protection of the laws"
under the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Mission Statement

21 & Change, Inc. is dedicated to ending the Down syndrome ‘syndrome’ through advocacy, support, and niche services in the Greater Tampa Bay-St. Petersburg area.


We believe in the value of all human lives and that all should have the opportunity to discover their full potential.

We believe that everyone is born with the inherent right to freedom, to self-determination, to dignity, and respect.

We believe in a day when our children will be seen as ‘differently-abled’ and not disabled.

We believe there will be a day when we end the Down syndrome ‘syndrome’ and secure the full measure of civil rights for the ‘differently-abled’.

We will not rest until what we believe is achieved.

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