21 & Change provides knowledge and information to parents about Assistive Technology, so they are aware of its benefits and how the resources may be acquired.  Assistive Technology helps children and adults with developmental disabilities become more independent and productive.  This technology can be high tech, low tech, or no tech.  These devices improve quality of life, help people communicate more effectively, reduce dependence on family members and caregivers, and reduce their need for personal assistance.

We will focus on Assistive Technology that helps children and adults with speech and communication, and other technology that supports children learning in the classroom.  Where children are enrolled in a private school setting and insurance or income becomes an issue for members of our local community, our intent is to develop a program that either deeply discounts or provides this technology free of charge to those who need it but cannot afford it.

21 & Change will solicit Corporations and Foundations in the technology sector for their support to this program.  Through partnerships, 21 & Change will link this effort to local Speech Therapy Centers and Speech Pathologists who can identify clients most in need for this type of technology.

Stay tuned for more information as we develop this important and much needed program.

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Additional Resources

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