Mother and daughter with down syndrome on kayak

From our perspective, every parent to a child with developmental disabilities is an advocate and a leader for that child.  Our “Every Parent, A Leader” Program provides the knowledge and skills parents need to become better advocates and leaders for their children.

A well-informed parent who develops advocacy and negotiation skills is a powerful force when dealing with educators, administrators, and medical professionals.  21 & Change will provide a conference or series of seminars two to three times a year for parents and self-advocates to receive training and education on various topics concerning special education law, civil rights, disability law, and other critical topics.

21 and Change will sponsor nationally-known organizations and speakers to provide their expertise and advice to our community to improve our knowledge, advocacy, and negotiation skills.  Organizations such as Wrightslaw, NDSS, and COPAA provide such services on a regular basis.  We will also include local subject matter experts to support our events with local expertise which will also help build and reinforce a network for support.

With generous support from donors and sponsors, our goal is to begin this program no later than the Fall of 2019.

Schedule of Events:

To Be Announced

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