Kristen Peebles

    Peebles was born and raised in Florida and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising from the University of Florida with a minor in Nonprofit Leadership. With four years of diverse marketing experience in industries including boutique fitness, nonprofits and professional services, Peebles is experienced in developing compelling campaign ideas to garner consumer interest.

    Having actively been involved in donating time and resources to nonprofit organizations since the beginning of her career, Peebles initially gained interest in 21 & Change through the advocacy of other board members. As her interest in the organization grew it was clear to her that she wanted to find a way to become more involved within the organization and help fulfill its mission.

    “21 & Change is an organization dedicated to ensuring positive change. After following the organizations’ progress over the past year I’ve been able to witness success in relevant regulations, aid and advocacy for families and raising awareness in the greater Tampa-Bay Community. With such a pure mission and vision for the future, I truly believe 21 & Change has the chance to make waves in Tampa Bay! I’m excited to have the opportunity to continue to spread their mission and message and look forward to the continued growth and impact of the organization.”

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