Amanda Sagarian, M.S., BCBA, LBA

    Amanda Sagarian is an experienced Board Certified Behavioral Analyst with experience in both volunteer and leadership roles. She also possesses experience volunteering at her church as the Youth Group Coordinator and works towards empowering youth to become more involved within their community and helped give them a sense of family and friendship. She coordinated bible studies, family events, and fundraising events.

    While completing her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of South Florida, she sat as the president of an organization called PEERS (Providing Education Empowerment Resources and Support). During this time, she was a certified PEERS educator, trained in Suicide Prevention, and nominated for the Leadership and Engagement Award. This organization assisted the Wellness Center in providing workshops and training on how to make healthy and safe decisions. Amanda led mandatory events educating students on the effects of alcohol and how to be safe during spring break as well as stress management, sexual and mental health, body image awareness, and nutrition.

    Amanda received her Master’s in Counseling with a concentration in Advanced Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) at Nova Southeastern University. She received her Board-Certified Behavior Analysis Certification (BCBA) and License of Behavior Analysis (LBA) shortly after. She has worked within the field of ABA for over 6 years serving many clients across different intellectual abilities, age groups, as well as families from different cultural backgrounds. She also possesses experience in working directly with clients who have active military parents and who experience difficulties with change and understanding. She helps teach her clients a variety of coping strategy tools and self-management skills. Amanda takes pride in advocating for her client’s and family’s best interests, while helping teach and create an opportunity for a more socially significant life for her clients. Currently, Amanda works as the Regional Director for an ABA therapy company based out of Tampa Bay.

    “I am always looking for ways to give more and now this amazing opportunity has presented itself. After reviewing and researching 21 and Change’s mission statement and vision, I wholeheartedly believe that we share the same values and passions. I work every day towards the same mission. I take pride in wanting to help advocate for others, provide support for families, as well as help spread awareness within our communities. I want to provide opportunities, where individuals can experience the best life our world has to offer, without society labeling and stigmatizing them as “abnormal.”

    For fun, she started her own company Tazasaurus Biscuits & Co., which makes healthy, limited ingredient, homemade dog treats for dogs who struggle with stomach sensitivities in memory of her German Shepherd, Taz. Her interests include Parent Training, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and alternative modes of communication (i.e., Picture Communication Exchange System (PECS) and AAC devices).

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