Colleen Baughn

    During her career she has had the knack for identifying areas for growth and uses her entrepreneurial spirit to create programs and initiatives where there is a need. 

    While at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Colleen advocated for the inclusion of Occupational Therapy into a range of service areas, including the Comprehensive Feeding Clinic and Post-Concussion Clinic, to fully support the child and family through incredibly challenging times.

    Then, as the Director of Clinical Applications at a medical device company, Colleen assisted in the research and development of a new medical device for pelvic floor dysfunction, taking the device through FDA clearance and into the market. 

    As her career progressed, Colleen began developing physical symptoms of her own and saw firsthand the lack of options for athletes who have unique needs. Given her background, she saw this as opportunity to further her knowledge and obtained her certification as a corrective exercise specialist and yoga teacher. 

    Now, after making the move to Tampa in 2019, she has been able to combine her background and experience in rehabilitation with her training certifications to provide specialized care for athletes of all kinds at Tampa Movement Lab. 

    Colleen is extremely excited to be joining the board of 21 and Change to further advocate and support all members of our community to achieve their highest level of independence. 

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