Madelin Ghomshe

    Ghomshe grew up in the Tampa Bay Area and returned after receiving her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University. With over seven years of market research experience in various industries, ranging from county governments to food manufacturers. In addition to her research expertise, Ghomshe is experienced in client and project management, traditional and digital marketing, business development, and retail sales.

    While Ghomshe is exceptionally meticulous, analytical, and attentive to detail, her passion lies in fitness. Ghomshe has competed in amateur bodybuilding and loves being able to connect with the Tampa community through teaching yoga.

    Her love for working out ultimately led her to 21 & Change after participating in the annual flagship event, Champions for Change. Ghomshe realized how much the non-profit resonated with her and felt the mission and vision were incredibly genuine. She is beyond grateful and excited to continue making positive change in her community.

    “To advocate for human rights, the opportunity to discover your full potential, inclusion and education is extremely intuitive for me. Knowing it is also intuitive for 21 & Change is why their vision resonates strongly with me and is so pure. Ensuring people with developmental disabilities are treated as equals in all circumstances is an important cause and a no-brainer for me to support. As a newly elected board member, I believe I offer fresh perspective and energy.”

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